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In this picture book perfect for bedtime, a dream dragon protects a child from nightmares. The dream dragon is joined by a dinosaur, a pirate and a super hero in the quest to keep nighttime safe.

In this poignant story about the relationship between a child and her grandfather, Lucy discovers that wrinkles are a sign of happiness rather than age.

A no-nonsense girl named Katie meets an irritating leprechaun named Paddy who leaves her a surprising reward for helping him solve a problem.

When Jemma comes across a wet cement footpath she can't resist leaving her footprint but ends up leaving a much bigger impression.

Sami knows that genies grant wishes. But Sami's genies are full of surprises.

Two brothers chase gold and their family history in the outback

Harry has to protect his dog after it breaks the farm rules

Jess watches the fate of a family unfold through her mirrors

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